Is there medication available for anger management problems?

anger managementMany people who come to our anger management programs, they want quick fixes. Often we have people saying to us, is there a drug, is there a pill, a magic pill they can take which will help the anger to stop. Unfortunately, there is no drug that is going to help you to manage your anger. The drug itself, the medication itself will take the edge off; the medication itself will numb your feelings. So in other words, you won’t actually have to feel these strong feelings, but it doesn’t mean that it actually deals with the anger. When you come off the medication you’re going to have to deal with your anger.

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So it’s much better to deal with your anger before going on to the medication: learning how to train your brain, learning how to discipline yourself, learning how to communicate your feelings in an appropriate way and be aware of the consequences of your anger, and then go on the medication to take the edge off. And sometimes one needs to go on medication to take the edge off anyway, and then participate in an anger program. But we’ve found that a lot of people who are on anti-depressants, because that would be the usual drug that they would take, doesn’t actually hit the spot, and they usually have to come off the medication in order to actually deal with their anger.

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What is MEDICATION FOR ANGER? … Is there medication available for anger management problems? Many people who come to our anger management programs, .

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Aug 30, 2009 You may be wondering if medication can be helpful for treating anger  problems. Therapy for this problem is available in several

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