Addiction, Depression and Anger Issues

Anger issuesAlcoholics and addicts generally tend to suffer from depression and anger issues when they are in recovery or when they haven’t had a drink or used in a long while. In case you’re wondering what causes the depression and anger issues, it is often caused by the alcohol. What happens to most alcoholics is that when they take some alcohol, they feel this immediate rush of good feeling often interpreted as or referred to as a “high”.

This good feeling is usually triggered by the release of endorphins aka feel-good hormones into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the body can only take so many deluges of endorphins. Therefore, when the supply of alcohol is interrupted, the endorphins stop being secreted resulting in a “low” or causing depression.

Since the body is used to the huge amount of endorphins, going without the trigger for a long time can cause depression and anger issues for the individual. The same thing applies to drug addicts who are particularly addicted to meth, cocaine and heroin. The only difference is that the effects of the drugs are more powerful than alcohol and therefore, withdrawals tend to trigger more acute depression and anger issues.

 Anger Issues Loved One Who is an Alcoholic or an Addict?

It is imperative for you to know that the accompanying withdrawal symptoms of depression and anger issues during the recovery and pre-recovery stage of an addict can cause the addicts and alcoholics to entertain suicidal thoughts. So, the first thing you can do is make sure that there is nothing that will help make that happen. Get rid of knives, sharp objects, needles and anything that can be used to commit suicide.

Next, you should encourage them to join support groups. For addicts, you can take them to a rehab program or facility. They will find the necessary support that will help them maintain their sobriety in these groups. Usually, listening to other people share their experiences with them gives them hope that they can scale through the anger issues and depression phase of their recovery.

Get psychiatric help if necessary. Usually, the psychiatrist will find it necessary to recommend anti-anger issues pills and antidepressants. For alcoholics, this will most surely work as they are not addicted to drugs. Drug addicts on the other hand, may require an entirely different regimen. Let the psychiatrist deal with that.

You, on the other hand should do all that you can to encourage your loved to weather the symptoms. With some help from you and the support from all around, they will hopefully make it to the finish line.
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