Anger and Relationships

Because anger, and the management of that anger, plays a very important part in any male-female relationship.

Anger  and  Relationships If two people spend any significant amount of time together, eventually there’s going to be some anger. A little bit every now and then. It’s inevitable. How those two people deal with that anger will determine the course of the relationship.

Will they break up? Will they stay together? Will they repress their feelings and wind up resenting one another? Or will they deal effectively with the anger… and perhaps become even closer as a result?

Let’s take a look at a few real-world examples of anger in action… and how to manage our thoughts and behaviors in order to convey that SoSuave, Donjuanish image that we so desire.

Anger example

Say, for example, your girlfriend is angry with you. Very angry. She’s banging pots, slamming cabinets, and giving you the evil eye. If you were like most guys you’d be nervous, irritated, confused, and maybe a little upset yourself. And you’d, very likely, be completely clueless as to what could have set her off.

And, an important point, her anger would most likely fuel your own anger toward her. As you don’t understand why she’s so mad, you yourself come to feel that YOU are being treated unfairly.

But, of course, YOU are not like most guys – you’re a freakin Don Juan. You understand that her anger is caused by her perception that she was somehow treated unfairly (by you, or maybe by someone else). You now know exactly how to resolve the situation.

You can then work to figure out exactly why she feels she’s been treated unfairly (if you’re really really perceptive) or, more likely, you can simply sit her down (maybe later after she’s put down all the pots) and attempt to get to the bottom of the situation.

Now I’m not a big fan of giving conventional advice, and I very rarely suggest using logic with women — not male logic anyhow. (Remember that women are emotional creatures.) And you should very rarely discuss the “relationship process” with women. For example, never talk about the psychological processes that underlie attraction – such as confidence, independence, mystery, body language, ambition, strength, etc.

But in this instance the old sit-down-and-discuss-the-situation is often a good solution.

The principles offered through this anger management work will assist individuals in personal awareness and understanding. Through this insight communication within primary and secondary relationships is strengthened. One is able to actively listen and express clearly in an effective manner.NuHopeCare Online Anger Classes can help.Topic: Anger management quiz

Topic: Anger management quiz

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