Anger Management offering relief

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Smashing things isn’t normally OK, but it’s encouraged at The Destruction Room.

Owner Aaron Pope started The Anger Management back in November of 2017.

Since the partial government shutdown has dragged on for weeks, he wanted to do something to help furloughed workers relieve some stress, for free.

“It’s everybody’s job to give back to the community what they can give back and this is what we have,” said Pope.

Pope says furloughed workers get 10 glass items and can write down what frustrates them on each.

Then they get five minutes to smash them and release some stress.

“I couldn’t image working and being expected to work and not get a paycheck, or at least know I’m going to get a paycheck in the future but not when I need it,” Pope said.

He says the items that get destroyed would have ended up in the landfill.

“We get them, they smash them up and we pay for a recycling bin to be properly recycled.”

You can learn more about The Anger Management at this link.