Who is appropriate for BIPP?

Who is appropriate for BIPP?

Any person who is abusive (physically, sexually, verbally and emotionally) towards an intimate partner (spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, dating relationship).

The abusive behaviors are targeted at the intimate partner. Battering of an intimate partner is not an anger management problem, as a batterer is not likely to be abusive towards any other person.

Battering is a systematic pattern of using abusive behaviors (physical, sexual, verbal and emotional) that occurs over time. The goal is to control an intimate partner through fear.

BIPPClients in a BIPP must:


  • Acknowledge to the group and themselves that they, and they alone, are responsible for their violence and abuse and that using violence is a behavioral choice.
  • Learn about the nature of domestic violence-its prevalence, causes and effects.
  • Identify their abusive behaviors, not just physical and sexual violence, but threatening, coercive, and manipulative behaviors as well.
  • Plan tangible steps to ensure their future non-violence by identifying nonviolent, non-abusive behaviors and practicing them during group sessions and with their partners.