Empowerment and Anger Management for Woman

Despite women gaining additional recognition and job equality moving forward, the responsibilities placed upon them do not change. A woman can now run for office or be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but she still is expected to cover traditional familial duties.

Deitra Hickey, owner of Serenity Health & Wellness Center, counselor, educator, life coach and author, calls this the “Superwoman Syndrome.” She clarifies, “A woman who has difficulty saying ‘no,’ who tries to tackle everything at one time, who crams too much into her schedule, not implementing her ‘me’ time–that’s the ‘Superwoman Syndrome.’ It’s trying to be everything to everyone.”

Dr. Deitra Hickey

Women’s Empowerment Night

Deitra, passionate about empowerment and anger management, hosts the Women’s Empowerment Night Out on Friday, March 8 at The Valentine Theater in honor of International Women’s Day, Deitra is, a “high energy evening tackling anger, work/life balance and the Superwoman Syndrome,” Hickey explains. “We as women have come so far in our society and the workplace, and our roles have changed over the years. There is some additional anger on women that maybe wasn’t there 50 years ago,” she adds.

“[The Women’s Night Out] is a great excuse to get a bunch of women together that have more similarities than they even know,” continues Deitra. “Women sometimes pass judgment or minimize their friendships, and I [want to provide an opportunity for] women to come together in a positive light.”

“The evening is meant to be fun and entertaining, and the goal is for everyone to leave feeling empowered,” adds Deitra. “(Attendees) will get tips and strategies…but I will be talking with the audience, not at the audience.”

Sponsored by Resolute Bank, Buckeye Telesystems, and Skylight Financial, the event will include performances from musicians Kyle White and Lindsey Payne. In addition, Diane Larson from Channel 13 will host. Raffle tickets, which benefit the nonprofit Ruthie’s Angels, offer a chance at a grand prize of a monthly spa day at Serenity Health & Wellness Center for an entire year.