How to Escape Angry Thinking?

How to Escape Angry Thinking?

When majority of your waking hours are spent in angry thinking, you are living an insane life. So the pertinent question would be how can I live more sanely. A mild amount of stress is needed to survive, but that’s not a problem at all. What is problematic is an obsession with angry thinking patterns.

Here are a few techniques to cut through the pattern of angry thinking.

Byron Katie’s Technique:How to Escape Angry Thinking

If you are asking – why am I always thinking angry – it could well be because you are wired to self-criticism. You have a lot self-loathing inside you, which manifest externally as angry thoughts.

Byron Katie devised a simple technique to cut through the mire of self-loathing and fear through self enquiry or introspection. Every time you have a angry thought, ask yourself the below questions and write down the answer to each.

  1. Am I 100% percent confident of the truth in this thought? Or Am I deeply certain that this is a true thought.
  2. What is this thought making me feel and go through (write down all the physical sensations you feel in your body)
  3. Now reverse the thought and find out five reasons why it’s true ( for example, if you original thought was “I am terrified that I will lose my job”, just reverse it in any way – “I am not terrified that I will lose my job” or “I am terrified that I will not lose my job” and find five reasons why these thoughts are true)

Angry ThinkingThe third step is the most vital one. Reverse your original thought in as many ways as you can and find out 5 reasons why it could be true. If you just put in some effort, and honesty, you can easily come up with 5 reasons even if you initially think the “reverse thought” to be most absurd.

Just try this technique with any one of your angry thought patterns and see how easily it breaks through it. You will realize that the mind was just repeating the angry thought without any concrete reason that you need to fear about. The thought will then lose its grip on you.

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:How to Escape Angry Thinking?