BIPP Cost and Requirements

New Hope Battering Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPP) consist of groups for family violence offenders, in which offenders are held accountable for past abusive behavior and taught the fundamentals of leading a nonviolent lifestyle. Although BIPPS work directly with offenders,
the underlying goal of these programs is to enhance the safety of battered women and their children.

Providing services for the innocent victims of family violence is vital, but taking action to stop future violence against victims is also necessary. BIPPs are unique in that they create the possibility of actually stopping future violence.

  • The fee for Evaluation is $30, and Orientation / Intake is $25.
  • The fee for group session is assessed on a sliding fee scale based on an individual’s gross income. Fees range from $25-$55 per weekly session.
  • Group session fees are due at the start of each session. New Hope BIPP may refuse admittance without payment, which could result in client being counted absent. Fees will not be refunded when the service is delivered.
  • Call for BIPP class locations and times or fill out the registration form on line [ now]

BIPP Requirements:

All participants are required to remove all firearms from the homes during their participation in the program.

Each participant MUST sign a release of information that allows BIPP to have contact with his victim as well as his referral source. Victims are notified about the participant’s enrollment in, and exit from, BIPP. Progress reports on court-mandated participants are mailed to the referral source on a monthly basis.

Each participant must read, sign, and adhere toNew Hope Group Rules, please review BIPP Group Rules and Program Regulations.

What to expect: BIPP  is not an anger management program.

BIPPThe program curriculums address some anger management issues and teach some anger management skills, but it is much more comprehensive in its approach. The curriculum addresses socio-cultural issues, particularly regarding gender and violence, teaches and develops critical thinking skills, and includes therapeutic topic elements, such as empathy, accountability, and communication.

Some courts are requiring both BIPP Classes and Anger Management Classes, we strongly suggest you complete the BIPP Classes before you take Anger Management Classes, the violent, abusive, controlling, and aggressive behavior must be addressed before you take on the task of learning effective anger control skills.