Why Use Mandalas for Anger Management?

Mandalas is other tool for anger management and to reduce stress in your life.

anger managementMandalas have been used to focus in meditation for countless centuries. Although they are popularly associated with Indian Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, they have been used in a variety of spiritual and religious traditions worldwide. And now research is proven that if you can lower your stress help in anger management.  The association of mandalas with India is easy to understand, after all, the word “mandala” is from a sanskrit word meaning “circle” and mandalas are widely used symbols there.

Why Mandalas for Anger Management?

Mandala meditation seems to be one of the easiest methods to use. First, most of us are primarily “visual” rather than “auditory” or “kinesthetic” in our learning and thinking, that is, we learn best by seeing, rather than listening or touching and exploring tactilely. For example, if we need to know how to cook a meal, we’d rather see a video or demonstration than listen to a lecture or read a book or just experiment in the kitchen until we figure it out. So, looking at a picture is the easiest thing to do. Many times our anger comes from false event appearing real so to center ourselves with a meditation helps in our anger management.

Second, using a visual focus bypasses the thinking process — all we have to do is look and let the natural results of the visual device happen. For example, much research shows that there is an inherent focusing effect of circles, spirals and other concentric geometric design. Other research indicates that colors have specific psychological effects: certain shades of pink calm anger, frustration or agitation; blues can give a feelings of stability or freedom; and green can have some of the same relaxation effects as a walk in the park. This is just one of many meditation technique for anger management.

More about mandalas view the link list below.

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Meditating With Mandalas My very own e-book. 116 pages. 52 mandalas (yes, one for each week) paired with 52 great quotes for meditation. There’s a sample download for no charge.

Mandalas.com There’s quite an extensive gallery here. They don’t provide free downloads, but you can look at them on line while you meditate.

Flower Mandala Project An unusual set of mandalas by a psychotherapist/photographer/digital artist and other contributors. View on line only.

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