Your Partner and Anger Management

Your Partner and AngerThe part about those feeling being “something other than anger” is also important for your partner. Humans feel a range of emotions, but in our society, not all of them are acceptable, especially in public. For example, it’s generally a cultural expectation that men will not cry in public. That doesn’t mean men don’t feel the urge to cry, nor that men never cry in public, but it’s not a common occurrence. As a result, many men channel that sadness into anger. A man yelling or displaying his physical strength in public is much more acceptable, even if it can be unpleasant.

Unfortunately, there are many losses that come with your partner converting one emotion into another:

The anger your partner feels may indeed by genuine, and they may truly have issues with controlling it. It is true that some people are more prone to anger than others. These people are sometimes referred to as having “low frustration tolerance,” and there are ways to help them manage situations they find triggering. Therapy can help with this. There also may be classes in your area that are marketed as targeting “anger management skills,” and depending on your partner’s interest and willingness to work for change, they might be worth checking out. Also you can take  online anger management class together.

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